Orthopaedic Surgical Cutting Tools & Precision Medical Instrumentation

We offer a unique range of Surgical cutting tools and Instrumentation to the Orthopaedic Industry. Our full CNC machining facility ensures all our medical products are manufactured to the highest standard. We have CNC Laser part-marking and engraving. All products can be Electro-polished, Passivated and Bead blasted. Our bespoke range includes Acetabular Prep Drills, Taper Hip Reamers, Charnley Hand Reamers, Calcar Trimmer Blades, Femoral Drills and Reamers, Patellar Reamers and Drills, Flexion Gauge Blocks, Drill Guide Assembly, Tibial Tray Assembly, Posterior Distal Cutting Blocks, Spring Ankle Clamps etc. etc. .